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Canada’s Hot Sauce

There are lots of Canadian hot sauces. Some are regional, made and sold in one locale. Others that claim to be Canadian are actually made in another country, imported to Canada and labelled here. Most haven’t been around that long.

We actually make our sauces in Canada and have been doing so since 1974. And the bulk of the ingredients we use come from Canadian growers and producers. Obviously, some of the more exotic peppers come from abroad, it’s almost impossible to grow some of them in our climate. I  know this from personal experience because I tried some exotic varieties when we were growing most of our crops near Ottawa when we were located in that region. Something that requires 250  days to reach maturity doesn’t do well in December in Northern Canada.

We are also available in stores from coast to coast and hold the distinction of being the only Canadian hot sauce in the high Canadian Arctic from Inuvik to Iqaluit. I did a stint up there for the military a few years back at the North Warning Radar bases and I used to bring my sauces with me for the cooks at the sites. They caught on and pretty soon we were shipping our stuff north.

We also hold the distinction of being the only Canadian hot sauce that was available to our troops in Kandahar, Afghanistan. We started shipping products there in 2010 on a request from the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada based in Hamilton.

From the Pacific to the Arctic to the Atlantic Oceans.  Proudly made in Hamilton, Ontario.

Canada’s Hot Sauce.