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Steel City Steak Sauce

Back in 2004 I made an experimental batch of steak sauce which I tried out on the neighbours. It was a hit. Unfortunately the recipe got lost, we moved to Hamilton and it was forgotten about until 2015 when I discovered a picture I had taken of all the ingredients I used in the original batch. I re-engineered the recipe using the picture and we brought out our Steel City Steak Sauce. Capitalizing on the flavours that made certain UK steak sauces a favorite with the Royal Family, we added some of our own twists to make a fantastic sauce that will enhance any steak or chop.
The label and the name are a nod to my roots (having been born here in Hamilton) and features the skyline of Hamilton Bay with the steel mills that made this city what it is. Mariana and I drew this label design on a napkin while having lunch at the Duke in downtown Hamilton.