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Savannah Fire

Number three in the “fire” series. We use Scotch Bonnet , Fatalii and Yellow banana peppers with
onion, gooseberry, sumac, cranberries and pomegranate juice to give this sauce a really distinct flavour and serious tones of heat. One of my favorites.
The label features our little bird, Marquis. He was a rare, yellow banded whydah that we found in a pet store in an isolated cage because he was attacking the other finches. He was also a stowaway that had been brought to Canada from the African Savannah by accident, captured along with the other finches. Out of his natural element, far from his home and unloved, we brought him home and he lived with us happily until he passed away in 2007. Just as unique as this sauce, this little fellow used to puff up and hiss like a snake. One of a kind!